A simulation game where you run a foster home taking care of pets! The game is meant to have you, the player, play the role as the one in charge of the animals. You handle one pet at a time with options on how to care for them. Each pet will have different backstories of why they have come into your care. In the game, each pet has a link to their direct foster page where you can learn about Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). 

This game was created for the Philly 24 Hour Recovery Game Jam and we decided to support PAWS. Our goal is to bring awareness to the many animals that are left in foster care who are looking for loving homes after recovering from their past. Be sure to check out PAWS for more information of their many other foster pets!

Programmer/Project Lead: Judie Thai / @judie_thai

Lead Artist: moaw / @moawko

Script Writer/Researcher/Graphic Design: Celeste Cottrell / @theactualcel

Thanks for playing Tiny House!

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
Authorsjudie_thai, Cel C., moawling
GenreSimulation, Educational
Made withUnity
TagsCats, Cute, Dogs, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer, Virtual Pet


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The "q" in quiet for Bernard's description is much smaller than the other letters, but otherwise this game is perfect and adorable- Oh, I get it! We're whispering the q to give him some quiet! I love this game <3 :D

This was cute! It wasn't what I was expecting, but I fully support it because it is helping irl animals as well <3

Either I'm doing something wrong, but none of the buttons work to send Melody to the adoption floor >.<

The gold hearts will appear before you can have them adopted, just keep giving the pets what they love until a LOT of golden hearts start appearing! Then you can send them to their new forever home :)


Ooooh time to do wholesome stuff :D Thanks!! 

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Awww what a cute wholesome game! I sincerely hope the animals in the shelter are able to find loving homes. It's so cool that you and many others are able to help by creating a game, and it surely brought my awareness! Sadly I don't live in Philadelphia but I'm sure to share this game, thanks so much for creating it!!

Such a cute game!

This is such a cute and informational game! The art style is super adorable and loves how it shows different ways animals are put into the shelter. Thank you for making awareness toward such a great cause!


I'm getting the golden hearts, but it won't let me click the house on the info page

Just go more untill it works thats what I did

Thank you everyone for the kind words on this project! I'll be sure to share them with my 2 co-developers :)

This is my favorite game so far.I'm in love with Big Benny so stinking much!!!


Cute game! I love how it shows the different reasons that can lead to an animal being in a shelter, and also the link to the PWAS site was so cool ! The art is super cute ❤🐶🐱


i'm crying... i love melody.


Pretty darn cute. I like how you turned a game into advocacy. :D


how did my dog die!!!!




for some reason i cant send melody to the 1st floor:(

same )

I can't figure out how to go to other pets. The music and sprites are so cute!

If you wait to you see the golden hearts, then go to their information and click the house, you can go on. Sometimes there'll be a bug where even with the golden hearts you can't move on. Just do everything one more time and try again (it's what worked for me)


I really wish i could have a cat before being 18

I will someday, i know it

The game seems so nice but I'm stuck at "Welcome to Tiny House!" T_T

me too

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I can see there is an arrow to click but my window is too big so i had to move the taskbar


Oops! There should be an arrow on the bottom left to progress the tutorial, but the game resolution is locked at 1024x1024px so it might be cut off on smaller resolution devices.